Good News Stories / Wilcannia

REDI.E helping to provide water for our drought stricken communities

31 January, 2019

REDI.E has been working with community groups in the region to provide water for communities suffering from drought.

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MPREC staff succeed in Wilcannia garden competition

7 December, 2017

MPREC is proud to support the inaugural Wilcannia Olive Grove garden competition.

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MPREC travels to communities to promote VTEC opportunities

29 November, 2017

MPREC’s Vocational Training and Employment Centres Case Manager has travelled to several communities to discuss employment opportunities.

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MPREC staff attend training courses to help improve school attendance in remote communities

24 November, 2017

Staff from MPREC’s Remote School Attendance Strategy (RSAS) division have participated in a training course to help develop more programs.

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Wilcannia River Woodworkers creating masterpieces from recyclables

13 October, 2017

Several members of the Wilcannia River Woodworkers Group are showing off the skills they are learning in furniture making courses.

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