Wilcannia River Radio

We provide a voice for our community.

Wilcannia River Radio broadcasts 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. On-air staff work Monday – Friday, 7am to 7pm.

WRR FM 103.1 broadcasts community news, events and meeting information, Central Darling Shire Council’s daily road condition report (which is especially important in winter months), job vacancies in the Wilcannia community, requests and cheerios.

Our DJ’s are all Wilcannia locals, and are keen to help support our community by working on special community days and doing outside broadcasts from some events.

This initiative is supported/funded by the Australia Government.

Wilcannia River Radio History

In 2009, the local Radio Station was re-established by the community and offering broadcast training. With the station being known only as 103.1FM, consultation with the community and the broadcasters, the Wilcannia River Radio name was born.

Wilcannia is located on the Darling River with the slogan ‘Keepin’ it alive’ as it’s catch cry. From this, a logo was produced which is now the symbol of the Station. The logo which means ‘Community of all ages’ and the River, is represented by the different coloured dots.

We employ announcers-in-training and one full-time announcer. The station provides a great service in more ways than one. It brings the community together and creates employment opportunities, while building confidence and social inclusion.

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