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Regional Enterprise Development Institute (REDI.E) exists to support our communities, by opening doors to opportunity, positive career pathways and economic development. We are striving to create partnerships that will bring more industry to our regions, ensuring their long term sustainability. We are an Indigenous owned and managed organisation, proud to deliver employment, training and community services within the Murdi Paaki region and other parts of NSW.

REDI.E is a place where job seekers come to find like minded people with the same goals – and employers come to find a talent pool of well trained, qualified employees. We are about delivering more than just contracts. We develop relationships and cultivate talent. We operate with complete transparency and respect the diversity of each community. We live and work here – we are invested in the outcomes, because our communities are our people.


Regional Enterprise Development Institute Ltd is an Aboriginal organisation, building sustainable futures for the communities we service. By forging relationships with industry, government and the private sector, we have developed a holistic and respectful approach to service delivery – and are at the forefront of innovation and collaboration. We strive to be the employer of choice, and connect industry with their workforce, to create long term opportunities for education, employment and training.




We provide training for employers, employees and job seekers to give communities the tools they need to grow and prosper.


We are a member of Supply Nation, working to facilitate connections between businesses and procurement departments.


We work with organisations and levels of government to get involved with events and projects that deliver positive outcomes.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned photographs/videos on this website may contain images of deceased persons which may cause sadness or distress.


REDI.E is a leading Aboriginal Organisation that is there for the development of progression for Aboriginal and Non – Aboriginal people. This is enhancing people through employment solutions, youth and family services.


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Delivering more than just contracts

Communities are stronger when they work together. We facilitate projects, events and initiatives that help people contribute to their community and support each other.

We have this same commitment to engagement within our own organisation - with team days, Good News Stories and opportunities to advance their career.

Connecting businesses with their workforce

We are a member of Supply Nation, working to forge connections between businesses and procurement departments, to provide more opportunities for Indigenous people.

Because of this membership, we have access to an extensive Indigenous business directory, allowing us to form new and important relationships.


Approachable, inclusive education

Our RTO team can provide training for everyone, regardless of if they are a jobseeker, employee or someone just looking to upskill.

We also work with businesses to train their employees, so that they can ensure the highest quality service, while obtaining certificates and qualifications that allow them to expand their knowledge and develop their understanding of their industry.

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  The Dubbo automated return and earn depot provides employment opportunities and revenue to support local programs and activities.     This initiative is funded/supported by the Australian Government.

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If you are interested, please register your interest by emailing us at info@redie.org.au or phoning Human Resources on (02) 6841 0111
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