Culture and Language

Culture & Language

The Language Hub Project is an outcome of years of consultation and planning, supported by the Department of Communications and the Arts – Indigenous Languages and Arts (ILA) program.

The goals became clear: an open access web-based platform where material would be contributed by the community / community groups; where control of the material remained in the hands of the contributors. This is not ‘REDI.E’s Language Hub’ – it belongs to the communities. REDI.E host the web-based project.

To achieve this, a web platform has been designed where contributed material will be validated by a process through Indigenous language practitioners / Elders then made available through the dictionary portal for the promotion and preservation of language, a most precious cultural priority.

As the project rolls out, other languages will be incorporated; the Murdi Paaki Language Hub is not limited to communities in the Murdi Paaki region alone. Other hubs (under development) will eventually link to this web page, education and learning resources will be developed to facilitate language learning in schools (and communities) through community-based language facilitators.

Best practice protocols will ensure that the collected resources remain safe and are archived to guarantee access to a most important tool remains long into the foreseeable future.
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