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We partner with businesses - both small and large - to connect work ready candidates with employers looking to hire.

REDI.E’s employment teams are born and bred local - so in most cases, we are already partnering with your business, right here in town. We know you and what you do, so we can work to connect THE RIGHT work-ready candidate with you!

Because we’re local, chances are we already know your business and your goals - as well as what your operating and labour hire needs. Knowing that, we can focus on bringing THE RIGHT candidate to fill THE RIGHT opportunity. This saves you the stress of having to advertise, lost time in training and reduces the risk of hiring someone unsuitable.

Because we are local, we are able to support both parties through the whole process, to meet both the employer and employees expectations.

And we stay involved once the hiring process is over – to ensure the person works out well for your business.

We continue to support them, so they can find their feet and thrive.

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We have a talent pool of workers ready to go.

We connect businesses with a skilled workforce who are trained, qualified and enthusiastic.

We are creating a network of businesses and workers, so we can all share resources and work together to build sustainable opportunities for our communities.

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Healthy food, cheap prices and local employment, key priorities as Wilcannia’s only grocer changes hands

24 January, 2022

At 11am on Friday the 7th of January, Wilcannia's only grocer changed hands and was reopened under the ownership of training provider REDI.E in conjunction with Outback Stores.

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REDI.E partner with Outback Stores in Wilcannia

7 January, 2022

In a historic event, REDI.E partner with Outback Stores to take ownership of the Wilcannia Grocery Store in Far West New South Wales.

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Wilcannia River Radio receives grant for vital renovations

23 November, 2021

Wilcannia River Radio have big plans to generate a number of employment opportunities, complete much needed maintenance works and expand their operations after receiving a COVID-19 emergency grant for $136,000.

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Wilcannia River Radio is back at it, helping communities through the Covid crisis

29 October, 2021

REDI.E’s Wilcannia River Radio team has been helping communities through the Covid - 19 crisis by reaching out with informative video content.

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