Jacob Young

Jacob Young began his relationship with Regional Enterprise Development Institute in 2015 as a VTEC client, who was looking to gain new skills and kickstart his career.

Our VTEC team worked with him to get a resume together and also directed Jacob to some TAFE courses, which could make him an attractive candidate for administration jobs. Through VTEC, he was offered a work experience placement at REDI.E, where he proved himself to be a hard working, driven and enthusiastic worker.

After submitting an application and interviewing for an administration position at REDI.E - Jacob was successful. And so began his long and incredibly successful career at REDI.E


Jacob is the perfect example of untapped potential, that just needed help from the VTEC program to find his path.

Since the day he left school, Jacob has demonstrated himself to be an incredibly hard working person. REDI.E recognised his potential and harnessed his strengths, to assist him to climb the ranks.

Since we were introduced to Jacob as a VTEC client, he has gone from being a Crew Trainer at Mcdonalds - to Executive Assistant to the CEO, Tracey Shillingsworth. And if you asked Tracey, she would say she couldn't live without him!

From a young age, Jacob knew school wasn’t for him. He didn’t feel like he belonged there and was keen to enter the workforce. From the day he was legally able to work - Jacob had a job.

‘Growing up in the small town of Wellington, there weren't many opportunities with local employers - especially as a 16 year old. Mcdonalds was a fantastic stepping stone. I learned structure, routine and customer service.’ 

And while Jacob succeeded in his role at Mcdonalds, he knew he wanted something more. 

But he didn’t know where to start or how to demonstrate his skills - and he didn’t have connections he could call on, to get his foot in the door. 

Jacob had friends and relatives who had used other organisations to try and find work, but they hadn’t seen success, so his confidence was low.

Our service to Jacob was simple - to show him how we could expand on his skills and which courses and traineeships he was eligible for that related to his interests.

And to give him the confidence he needed to succeed.

VTEC was able to help him expand his resume and build relationships with organisations on his behalf.

It was also a matter of getting his name out there, through our industry connections. Jacob’s Case Manager actively sought to get his resume out to employers and talk to them on his behalf. As a trusted program, when VTEC vouched for Jacob, the employers knew he could be relied upon to do a great job.

VTEC was able to help Jacob get several interviews before he was successful with his application at REDI.E. All of this provided him with a valuable learning experience.

‘VTEC was actively trying to find training opportunities that would open more doors for me and make me a more attractive candidate. They told me which courses I should look to complete and went above and beyond to help me prepare for opportunities that did arise. My Case Manager even travelled to me in Wellington, to my house, to help me prep and conduct mock interviews.’

Once Jacob was in the industry - he required little mentoring as he was incredibly proactive in his own search for opportunities. However, he knew he had the support of VTEC if he needed it.


Ask Jacob and he will tell you - it is because of the work of the VTEC team that Jacob is where he is today.

‘Professionally - they have helped me achieve my first 9-5 full time employment in an administrative role. They prepared me for what I could expect in the workforce and assisted me with higher education. But personally - they have shaped the person I am today.’

Five years ago, a bright, industrious young man was eager to expand his horizons - but he had no idea where to start.

He wasn’t sure how a resume should be laid out - or what to include. He didn’t know what to expect in an interview. He didn’t have industry connections to call upon.

VTEC helped Jacob get in touch with local employers looking for workers - ultimately pointing him in the direction of working with REDI.E - who knew he was worth holding on to!

‘VTEC helped me find the opportunities, when I didn’t know where to look. And when those opportunities were in Dubbo, they sought to find the best way I could get there from Wellington. So they would help me with bus timetables and even helped with driving courses, so I could drive myself there.’

While completing his traineeship for the Certificate II in Business through REDI.E, Jacob began his professional career as a Student Administration Officer for REDI.E. Following this, he was awarded Young Indigenous Learner of the Year in 2016.

After two years, he was given a Higher Duties Contract as an RTO Compliance Officer, where he organised government contracts, oversaw compliance management, managed budgets and finance - and travelled around NSW working with students.

Just under a year later, he was given the role of Information Technology and Communications Officer, providing IT support for the entire organisation working across 26 sites across the state.

Then in July 2018, after REDI.E recognised his unique skills in management and networking, he was promoted to Executive Assistant to the CEO. He now works directly with Senior Management and the Board of Directors to help implement company strategic planning processes, while liaisons with key stakeholders and government bodies.

All of these achievements are through Jacob’s own success - all he needed was the kick start into his career.

‘At present, I am looking to do an Undergraduate Degree in Leadership and Management - or Business Administration, through UTS. REDI.E has helped me with finding my lineage for my aboriginality, suggested which universities to look at and the grants available for young indigeous people.’

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