Senior Management

Tracey Shillingsworth - Chief Executive Officer

I joined REDI.E in November 2018 and was very excited to work back in Western NSW, a region where anything is possible. I have seen some incredible changes starting with our families, our new editions and catching up with our Elders.

I have seen our youth progress to young adulthood, from starting their journey in life, to developing aspirations and hearing their success stories - and the challenges they have had to overcome.

For me, it has been very inspirational to see the progress that has been made in our communities.

And whilst I understand that everyone faces their own challenges, we at REDI.E are about spreading the message that you can do anything you set your mind to.

How do I know this? Because I have moved through my career starting from a clerical administration role - to middle and senior management - to a CEO.

I have certainly faced challenges, and have had the chance to overcome them in ALL workplaces. I have been given support to develop and add value where needed with programs - and I have experience finding the best way to deliver them for our communities.

It is such a rewarding career, and a privilege to help our mob, to see the smiles when your goals have been achieved - and to engage with our younger members, to plan community events for our families.

There are no set barriers that can’t be faced together. If I can do it, you can too. So I’m looking forward to the day where YOU will speak from higher level management positions, sharing YOUR stories and vision.

At REDI.E, you will gain more than just a job or a partnership. You will join a vibrant, energetic team of professionals who are committed to creating real and meaningful opportunities for people in our region.

Let’s work together for a united community.

Peter Gibbs - Programs and Employment Director

Mr Peter Gibbs or “Chicka” is a Gamillaroi man from the community of Weilmoringle on the banks of the Culgoa River in far west NSW. Peter has many years of experience in the community-development sector, with more than 30 years focusing on Western NSW.

He has worked in shearing sheds, on cotton fields, for the NSW Aboriginal Land Council, TAFE NSW Western Institute and been an Advisor to both Federal and State Government Ministers. Mr Gibbs is a Director of the NSW Geographical Names Board, Skillset Senior College and an active member of the Bourke based Nulla Nulla Local Aboriginal Land Council.

Mr Gibbs has been instrumental in the establishment of the IPROWD Program, a training model that develops Aboriginal people for a potential career in the NSW Police Force. The concept for this model developed after the tragic death in Police custody of his sister Fiona. IPROWD is now one of the most high profile programs in NSW.

Peter has developed partnerships with business, the philanthropic sector and government agencies in implementing innovative strategies aimed at improved life outcomes for Aboriginal people.

Suellyn Rees - Corporate Services Director

Suellyn Rees is from the Trundle area in central NSW where she grew up on a rural property as part of a large family.  She has been working in finance and administration for well over 30 years; almost 20 years in Management, most recently as CEO of the Dubbo LALC.

Suellyn has worked for the private sector as well as Local and State Government in both Queensland and NSW.  She has been a member of the QLD Health HR Advisory Committee and Regional Health Service Planning Committee.  Her experience includes the development and coordination of an Aboriginal Traineeship for Local Government, Management of the NSP for Queensland Health for the control of blood borne diseases and writing briefs for the Governor General.

More recently Suellyn has become a Director and active member of Rotary, advocating for Youth and positive community change.  She has found her passion lies in working toward a better future for all Australians and in particular, improving outcomes for Aboriginal people.

Suellyn loves working for REDI.E because it is the heart and soul of real change for Aboriginal communities. The team is working towards a brighter future - and this gives her a great amount of satisfaction and pride.

Her goals for REDI.E are for the organisation to become the number one contact for Employment Services and Training within the Central West, Upper Darling and Far West Regions - over the next few years.