About Us

Regional Enterprise Development Institute (REDI.E) exists to support our communities, by opening doors to opportunity, positive career pathways and economic development.

We are striving to create partnerships that will bring more industry to our regions, ensuring their long term sustainability.

We are an Indigenous owned and managed organisation, proud to deliver employment, training and community services within the Murdi Paaki region and other parts of NSW.

The REDI.E Difference

REDI.E is a place where job seekers come to find like minded people with the same goals - and employers come to find a talent pool of well trained, qualified employees.

We are about delivering more than just contracts. We develop relationships and cultivate talent. We operate with complete transparency and respect the diversity of each community.

We live and work here - we are invested in the outcomes, because our communities are our people.

How we deliver



We provide training for employers, employees and job seekers to give communities the tools they need to grow and prosper.


We are a member of Supply Nation, working to facilitate connections between businesses and procurement departments.


We work with organisations and levels of government to get involved with events and projects that deliver positive outcomes.


All of us have unique skills and knowledge - just like our partners, clients and communities.

We are inclusive and respectful of all people and their cultures.

We are transparent in our operations and regularly ask for feedback from our clients and stakeholders.

Our Region

REDI.E provides services to communities across the Murdi Paaki region, including Bourke, Brewarrina, Broken Hill, Cobar, Collarenebri, Coonamble, Enngonia, Goodooga, Gulargambone, Ivanhoe, Lightning Ridge, Menindee, Walgett, Weilmoringle, Wentworth and Wilcannia.


Regional Enterprise Development Institute Ltd (REDI.E)* is a not-for-profit organisation.

REDI.E is governed by a Board of Directors who represent the people of the Murdi Paaki region.

The Board provides strategic direction to the organisation and has a role in maintaining the integrity and promoting the work of the organisation throughout the region

The CEO manages the operations of the organisation. REDI.E is an outcomes focused organisation. The CEO reports to the Board and funding partners on the outcomes achieved toward improving the social fabric of the communities serviced by the organisation.

The CEO is supported by a skilled team of individuals who love living and working in the region.