Room Hire Terms and Conditions

Rules and conditions for room hire at REDI.E

REDI.E has meeting room space available for casual hire to approved applicants. REDI.E reserves the right to decline room hire if unable to accommodate the request.

Operating hours

REDI.E operating hours are from 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, access to sites outside of these hours will be negotiated and communicated to all parties once booking has been confirmed.

Booking Procedure

A completed room hire application form is to be lodged with REDI.E and approved prior to casual hire taking place.

Application forms are to be signed by the person responsible for payment of fees and any other charges arising from the booking and the observance of these rules and conditions. Payment can be made in advance or on receipt of tax invoice, depending on arrangement made at the time of booking a room.


A $200.00 bond is payable in advance and will be reimbursed once confirmed venue has been left in original order.


No unauthorised duplication of keys are permitted, access will be negotiated and communicated in advance. In the event of lost keys the charge will be added to hirers invoice.


Parking is available both on the REDI.E premises and surrounding areas.

Right of Refusal

REDI.E reserves the right in its absolute discretion to refuse to accept any booking or to cancel any booking already made and the Centre shall not be liable in any way for any loss or damage.


REDI.E shall not be responsible for any injury, loss or damage to the person or property of the hirer, or any person in their employ or under their direction or any person attending any function organized by the hirer of the rooms.

Electrical equipment

No connection to or interference with the electrical installation, lighting, fittings or other equipment will be allowed without permission of the REDI.E coordinator or delegated personnel. Room hirers are informed that if they bring their own equipment onto the premises, the equipment must abide by any overarching WH&S requirements such as tagging

Catering Available (Dubbo Office)

Catering at our Dubbo office is available through BlueRidge Café, which can be delivered to the Dubbo office for your convenience. If you would like to enquire about catering options, or would like to see the catering menu, please contact Jacob Young via email ( BlueRidge Café offers a variety of catering options and are happy to accommodate any requests you may have for your event. Catering menu is attached for your reference.

Use of meeting room

The main functions for the use of these rooms include training, meetings, counseling and office work. Tables and chairs are provided and community groups using the room regularly are welcome to speak to REDI.E coordinator about providing their own storage space within the Centre, depending on the centre’s capacity to store such furniture without incurring occupational health and safety risks.

It is an expectation of the room hire that REDI.E will be vacated in a clean and undamaged condition and able to be used immediately if required. At the time of booking, the hirer may point out any current conditions they feel will impede them from meeting this requirement. All goods, equipment and property brought into the Centre by the hirer must be removed at the end of the hiring period unless special arrangements have been made.

Kitchen facilities

Kitchen facilities are available at the REDI.E site. Utensils such as a fridge, kettle, microwave, sink, crockery, cutlery, are available for use. Cleaning materials are also provided. Groups need to provide their own provisions including tea, coffee, milk and sugar. All groups are requested to leave the kitchen clean and tidy and to wash and put away any utensils used.


All room users will pay for any telephone calls made at the appropriate rate.


Please note that rubbish is to be divided into two categories – recycling in one bin and other matter in a separate container.

Objectionable items

Certain items are not welcome in the REDI.E rooms, namely and as examples confetti, chewing gum and fireworks.


REDI.E suggests the hirer arrange a representative to arrive at the site prior to the function to greet guests. This is not the responsibility of the REDI.E staff.

Noise management

Hirers are to be conscious of keeping noise to a minimum. All events / meetings shall cease by 10pm

Maintenance of order

The meeting room hirer is responsible for the maintenance of good order during the period of the engagement and he/she will not permit or suffer anything to be done which is disorderly or offensive.


REDI.E is a smoke free environment and smoking is prohibited on the premises.


No alcohol consumption is permitted on the premises at any time, as REDI.E sites are ‘Alcohol Free Zones’.


Any breakages and/or faulty equipment should be reported immediately to REDI.E staff. Any damages or breakages of furniture, fittings, plants or gardens, kitchen appliances, crockery or other items which have been caused by the user group must be paid for in full by the group. It is expected that all equipment will be returned to its original place and the facilities will be left clean and tidy.


The room hirer must leave floors, walls, equipment and toilet facilities in a clean condition. All goods, properties or materials brought in by the hirer or any person on his/her behalf must be removed from the premises no later than the expiration of the booking unless special arrangements have been made prior to the booking being confirmed by REDI.E.


In the event of a dispute or difference arising as to the interpretation of the agreement or as to anything therein contained or as to the meaning of any of the terms and conditions, the decision of the REDI.E manager thereon shall be final and conclusive.

Public Liability

All hirers must provide a copy of their current Public Liability Policy insurance a copy of the policy is to be attached to the signed agreement were relevant. For further information please contact Jacob 1800 035 721

Acceptance of Conditions

REDI.E rooms are let out contingent upon the rules and conditions outlined above and the payment by any person of any sum by way of rental for any such room or office space shall be deemed to be acknowledgment and acceptance by such person of the above conditions and stipulations

Confirmation of this application will be made by return of this signed request. Notice of cancellation must be given one week prior to meeting date or full room booking fees will be payable.