Community Projects

From small contributions to more involved strategies that focus on improving lives and outcomes throughout communities right across the state.

Our teams are heavily involved in the communities they live and work in.

We engage with local groups across the region, to ascertain where there is a need and we work to fill it with relevant projects that often involve our CDP clients.

Below are just some of the fantastic projects REDI.E has been part of.

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Part of the CDP's Activity Yard for over 20 years, the Bouke Community Garden space was revived in 2020 when Gavin Gibbs took his position as Site Manager in Bourke. With his vision, along with the help of many members of he community, the garden was bought to life.

Built as an Activity based program, the Community Garden is designed to encourage all people form the communtiy to join in. Fostering community ties while promoting physical and social wellbeing, anyone and everyone is welcome to participate.

Local dietician, Charlene Noye from Bourke Aboriginal Corporation Health Service, has come on board with University of NSW. Together they are providign a new drought olerant garden bed system and a 10 week student program educating workers on how the beds work and need to be maintained.

The Bourke Communtiy Garden was instrumenal in aiding the provision of fresh fruit and vegetables through the COVID -19 pandemic. It is a very exciting time for the gardens moving into the 2022 seasons. 






The Cobar Market Garden has been in operation since 2012 and is maintained by the CDP program staff and job seekers.

It has developed into an extremely successful community initiative with pigs, chooks, vegetables and other fresh produce for the local community.

It has been used for work experience for high school students, as well as facilitating several CDP activities.


In partnership with Wesley Mission, this Auspice program aims to help those at risk of suicide find the assistance they need.

Wilcannia Women’s and Men’s groups have been producing artworks, clothing, hats, furniture and other items, which are sold at Market Days.

The Market Days were scheduled in 2020 but were postponed until COVID restrictions are no longer in place.

REDI.E has developed an important partnership with the Brewarrina Aboriginal Cultural Museum.

The Museum runs workshops and tours, to teach the history of Brewarrina and the Ancient Aboriginal Fish Traps on the site where local tribes have gathered for over 30 000 years.

The Museum overlooks the fish traps with a magical view of the Barwon River.

REDI.E is supporting the delivery of the Language tours.

This project is a great initiative. Through our partnership with Bourke Shire Council we have been able to provide employment for local job seekers, while giving back to the community.

This project has been running for some years and has made a notable difference to the main street presentation.

The National Association for Loss and Grief NSW Inc was contracted by REDI.E to run workshops in remote communities experiencing youth suicide.

The workshops involved local community members and job seekers trying their hand at photography.

The project was very successfully run by Jen Cowley OAM who later facilitated an exhibition of some of the beautiful photographs taken.

REDI.E has been involved with building renovations in several of our communities, including Engonia, Walgett, Brewarrina, Bourke and Wilcannia.

We are always striving to find ways to provide better facilities for our communities, while helping our clients gain valuable skills and experience.

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Vinnies & REDIE - Working together.

12 July, 2022

The Dubbo automated return and earn depot provides employment opportunities and revenue to support local programs and activities.

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Wilcannia Store going from Strength to Strength

19 May, 2022

When taking over Wilcannia’s only supermarket, the Friendly Grocer in January, REDI.E had a goal - to boost local employment and provide the community with a larger range of healthier food options. And that is exactly what we’ve done.

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REDI.E continues to be the best point of contact for community information in Wilcannia

31 March, 2022

Japanese Encephalitis prompts fresh warning around mosquito borne diseases

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Bourke Community Garden Project 2022

17 March, 2022

Bourke community and REDI.E come together to revive Bourke Community Garden

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