Our Philosophy

Our Social Enterprises arm exists to provide employment and on-the job training to disadvantaged community members, to bring people out of a cycle of disadvantage.

We work to improve social outcomes and demonstrate positive career pathways to our communities.

Our Enterprises

Our Social Enterprises are successful and sustainable businesses, that also just happen to deliver outstanding and equitable opportunities for on-the-job training.

Each Social Enterprise in the region is unique, and our portfolio of businesses is expanding rapidly. Each provides life skills, employment and training for community members, as well as goods and services that the wider community can enjoy: whether that be a good coffee, a nice place to meet and relax or a great meal...the possibilities are endless.

Visit us at one of our locations today and know that you are contributing to improving the overall social fabric of Western NSW.

Our Team

Our Social Enterprise supervisors provide on-the-job training, mentoring and support to our team.

Our Locations

We operate a number of businesses throughout the Murdi Paaki region and Western NSW, and with more ventures in the works, you never know when we might open doors (for you and your community) near you!

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