Vocational Training and Employment Centres (VTEC) is an Australian Government initiative which offers guaranteed jobs to Indigenous jobseekers, provided that they complete the training requirements as specified by the employer.

This training can vary from obtaining a driver's license, writing documents and learning about financial literacy, to accredited training. Throughout the training, a VTEC mentor will offer you support and guidance to assist you in preparing for work and to stay in work.

VTECs have a good understanding of the cultural issues faced by Indigenous Australians, and have built strong collaborative relationships with employers, employment and training service providers and local Indigenous communities.

Once employed, your VTEC mentor will offer ongoing support and will help you build your confidence in the workplace and help you address any issues as they arise.

Get involved! Please contact our VTEC Coordinator on 1800 035 721.

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The VTEC initiative is proudly funded/supported by the Australian Government.