Community Development Program

The Community Development Programme (CDP) can help Job Seekers gain skills, look for and find work, and contribute to their community at the same time.

CDP is an Australian Government program designed to increase employment and reduce welfare dependency in remote Australia. Job seekers are required to participate in these activities to receive their fortnightly Centrelink payment.

CDP helps Job Seekers by assisting them to secure and maintain employment, delivering training opportunities, upskilling language literacy and numeracy programs, and providing work for the dole activities. These activities vary depending on community needs and Job Seeker interest. They are designed to simulate a work environment and to provide Job Seekers with the foundation skills required for employment.

We deliver CDP across the Murdi Paaki region in the Far West and Upper Darling, servicing approximately 1000 clients, and sometimes utilise our own Social Enterprises to provide work for the dole opportunities.

The CDP initiative is proudly funded/supported by the Australian Government.

Are you a jobseeker?

We work with you to make sure you're ready to take on the job at hand, and know what you need to do to get involved and continue to receive income support. This might mean we help you maintain and secure employment, get training, improve your language and literacy or provide work for the dole activities.

To help you get involved in work, we seek out and develop projects and partnerships that will help our community.

It might be a project that improves our towns or our community’s sustainability. We might choose to do something that helps us share our knowledge on our cultural heritage with the rest of our community. These projects create opportunities for employment and training in the short-term, to help you move into long-term employment.

We know some places have limited opportunities for work experience. So we also run a number of Social Enterprises to help you experience work in a real work environment.

This contract is administered by The Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet.

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