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We do this through designing and delivering a range of services, with partners including State and Federal Government, other community organisations, local employers and education and training providers. We invite you to learn more about what we do, and how we can help you.

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Getting a job doesn’t just change one person’s life, it can impact a whole community.

We create opportunities for people to get work ready and get a job. We do this to bring communities out of a cycle of disadvantage and entrenched poverty, improve social outcomes and demonstrate positive career pathways to our communities’ young people.

We deliver programs that support all jobseekers, including young people, older workers and the long term jobseekers, to get job ready and enter long-term, meaningful and sustainable employment.

We also support local employers to fill their recruitment needs, and work in partnership with them to ensure successful outcomes for jobseekers and employers.

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Community Development Program

REDI.E is delivering the Community Development Program (CDP) - the Australian Government’s remote employment and community development service.

Our CDP team works with job seekers to provide training opportunities, upskilling language literacy and numeracy programs, as well as work for the dole activities. The program also includes Employment Mentoring - where REDI.E staff mentor the job seekers to help them gain employment.

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Vocational, Training & Employment Centres (VTEC) work with governments and industry to source jobs for Indigenous job seekers.

Our VTEC team works with each participant to expand their resume and complete the training requirements specified by employers, while looking for job opportunities.

Our VTEC staff mentor and provide ongoing support once the participant has gained employment.

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We deliver a range of community programs which work to build stronger, more sustainable communities throughout Western NSW.

We work with a number of partners to deliver these programs, including State and Federal government, local businesses, employers, community members and other not-for-profits.

We create and get involved with programs that help increase pride in our communities, build people’s understanding of the region’s cultural heritage, and support young people and their education.

These all form part of our holistic and whole-of-community approach to improving the social fabric and living standards of Western NSW.

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Regional Enterprise Development Institute supports many and varied community projects and events.

From small contributions to more involved strategies that focus on improving lives and outcomes throughout communities right across the state.

Our teams are heavily involved in the communities they live and work in.

We engage with local groups across the region, to ascertain where there is a need and we work to fill it with relevant projects that often involve our CDP clients.

Community Projects

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Wilcannia River Radio receives grant for vital renovations

23 November, 2021

Wilcannia River Radio have big plans to generate a number of employment opportunities, complete much needed maintenance works and expand their operations after receiving a COVID-19 emergency grant for $136,000.

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‘Get Jabbed’ and stay safe - REDI.E’s campaign to get people vaccinated

23 November, 2021

Redi.e encourages everyone within their communities to 'Get Jabbed' and stay safe in Covid safe campaign.

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Wilcannia community rallies together amidst Covid crisis

29 October, 2021

REDI.E’s team in a joint initiative with local heroes delivered food hampers to those who need it most

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Wilcannia River Radio is back at it, helping communities through the Covid crisis

29 October, 2021

REDI.E’s Wilcannia River Radio team has been helping communities through the Covid - 19 crisis by reaching out with informative video content.

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