Student Support

REDI.E encourages and supports all our students to achieve their personal and professional goals. We offer both personal and study support services to meet the needs of our diverse student population, providing the best opportunity for you to succeed at meeting your goals. REDI.E staff can assist with processing enrolments, providing course information, and providing general information on accessing REDI.E services and facilities.

Support services include and are not limited to:
  • Internet access
  • Transport
  • Language Literacy & Numeracy
  • Mentoring support from industry experts


REDI.E assists to facilitate the provision of government incentives (both direct funding and other forms of support) to assist jobseekers to develop the skills required for an identified industry / job.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy Support

REDI.E will:
  • Assess a student’s language, literacy and numeracy skills during their enrolment to ensure they have adequate skills to complete the training;
  • Support students during their study with training and assessment materials and strategies that are easily understood and suitable to the level of the workplace skills being delivered;
  • Provide clear information to students about the detail of the language, literacy and numeracy assistance available;
  • Refer students to external language, literacy and numeracy support services that are beyond the support available within REDI.E and where this level of support is assessed as necessary; and
  • Negotiate an extension of time to complete training programs if necessary.


REDI.E can facilitate transport assistance as required by individuals students.