Good training is essential to meeting good sustainable employment outcomes for jobseekers, employers and the whole community. 

Regional Enterprise Development Institute Ltd (REDI.E) is a nationally recognised Registered Training Organisation  (RTO 91444). REDI.E RTO was established in 2008 to support us in meeting our employment mission to improve the social fabric and economic outcomes in Western NSW.

REDI.E specialises in supporting individuals who are disadvantaged and who have significant barriers to address and enable them to successfully engage in education and employment.

Through the REDI.E RTO, we strive to ensure the delivery of equitable and supportive vocational education and training, particularly within rural and remote communities.

We have a strong understanding of the particular needs of the Aboriginal community to improve the productivity and prosperity of businesses, communities and individuals.

We deliver industry regulated accredited training for learners who wish to gain or further develop existing skills and knowledge to enhance their employment prospects. We also offer non-accredited short courses and workshops for those who are simply interested in recreational activities and personal development.  We offer training solutions that are classroom based, online, and training as part of apprenticeships and traineeships

We pride ourselves in providing the level of support that each of our individual learners require throughout their training and encourage our learners to recognise the full potential of their ability and ambitions.

  • We nurture good ideas
  • We ‘do what we say’ and ‘say what we mean’
  • We offer people a ‘hand-up’
  • We enjoy success
  • We believe in our team

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