Good News Stories / From The CEO

Addressing Aboriginal Employment Challenges - A Holistic Approach

9 June, 2021

Insight from our CEO about addressing Aboriginal employment challenges. Until we tackle Aboriginal employment challenges, they will continue to be roadblocks towards the success of our people.

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Supporting Employers to Encourage Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

17 March, 2021

Insight from our CEO about supporting employers to encourage positive mental health attitudes in the workplace.

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Welcome to 2021 - A Message from our CEO

2 February, 2021

We at Regional Enterprise Development Institute have set some important goals for 2021, including educating Australians about First Nations culture.

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Helping our People Overcome their Challenges to Make Meaningful Change

17 November, 2020

Insight from our CEO about how REDI.E is improving employment outcomes for Indigenous Australians.

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Working for REDI.E - A Message from the CEO

16 January, 2020

We are proud to support our communities, by opening doors to opportunity, positive career pathways and economic development. And - we hope to one day work with you to build sustainable futures for the communities we service.

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