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A Future in Fire Mitigation - CDP Forges Important Partnership

29 September, 2020

REDI.E’s CDP team have had a visit from the Bourke and Brewarrina Fire Mitigation Crews, to learn all about their great work and discuss possibilities for collaboration in the future!

REDI.E staff were treated to a fantastic demonstration of their tools, equipment and trucks. 

The crews talked all about the work they do, their daily routines, the training they have undergone and some of the biggest jobs they’ve been on.

The crews play an essential role in bushfire prevention and risk mitigation, clearing out areas that are at risk like shrub and grass areas. They also help out when there is an emergency.

They also work to protect important landmarks, like gravesites and cultural sites.

Both of the crews are 100 percent Aboriginal, making them great role models for REDI.E CDP participants. 

Because this is such a fantastic potential career path, REDI.E has discussed future opportunities with the crews.

An agreement is in place, whereby our Job Seekers will work with the crews on their bushfire prevention projects, including helping them clear out yards, grass areas and cultural sites.  

We cannot wait to see what this partnership brings in the future. 


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CDP supports job seekers in remote Australia to build skills, address barriers and contribute to their communities through a range of flexible activities

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