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VTEC helps Bridget into full-time employment

19 September, 2017

While working at BlueRidge Cafe (an MPREC social enterprise), Bridget also completed a Vocational Pathways Cert I course and four units from the Hospitality Training Packages, through MPREC Training.
With this experience under her belt, Bridget has secured a full time job with Lords Cleaning Dubbo.
Her time at the cafe helped Bridget gain hands on training and experience and helped to improve her communication skills. Customers and staff say she is always very friendly and professional.
MPREC, as a Vocational Training and Employment Centre (VTEC), liaised with the employer and purchased new glasses for her to wear on the job. VTEC also gave Bridget support with her resume and coached her with interview techniques and phone manners.
Bridget’s Manager Max wishes her luck with her new endeavour.
“It was a pleasure training Bridget,” he said.
“I was able to watch her grow the confidence, passion and skills that she can take forward in life.”
MPREC offers a variety of programs and opportunities for job seekers to advance into paid employment and Bridget is just one example of how these can change someone’s life.
VTEC is an Australian Government initiative which offers guaranteed jobs to Indigenous jobseekers, provided that they complete the training requirements as specified by the employer.


This initiative is funded/supported by the Australian Government.

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