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Ainslie Sekaran - Committed to Achieving Her Dream

29 September, 2015

Seventeen year old Ainslie Sekaran is proving that, with the right support, opportunities and commitment, you can achieve your dreams and help those in your family and community along the way.

Ainslie’s always wanted to be the best she can be – with a dream to help children and people in her community. She says that moving with her mum and sister from Broken Hill to Dubbo around five years ago was the start of her journey to gaining skills that will help open doors to a future career pathway.

“Since coming to Dubbo, I have lots more opportunities to learn and get the skills I need to have not just a job, but a career. I have been at Dubbo Senior Campus College, and through Skill Set, I have just completed my Certificate II in Business Traineeship with Murdi Paaki”, says Ainslie.

Murdi Paaki, the peak provider in Aboriginal training, education and employment programmes, has been an integral part of equipping Ainslie with the skills and knowledge required to be workforce-ready.

“If it hadn’t been for my Traineeship with Murdi Paaki, I would have dropped out of school with no qualifications, and no idea what I could do after school.

Since going there two days a week for two years, I’ve learned so much about what you have to do to help run a business, and I’ve met some cool people who really supported and helped me along the way at Murdi Paaki”.

Ainslie says that successfully completing her Certificate II Trainieeship has motivated her to stay in school and finish her HSC this October.

“I’m studying Aboriginal Studies, English and Business Studies and sit my HSC in October this year. I know that without the people at Murdi Paaki who helped me stay in school, I probably wouldn’t have finished.

My dream is to help people in my community – I’d love to work with children and young people to help them and their families”.

Murdi Paaki’s purpose is to offer proactive support that is responsive to the needs of people and communities by being a strong advocate and leader. Murdi Paaki promotes meaningful education, employment and economic development opportunities to help build empowered and prosperous communities and improve the health and wellbeing of its people.

The many positive success stories, like this of Ainslie Sekaran, demonstrate Murdi Paaki’s real contribution and leadership in the lives the futures of young, Indigenous people and communities.

Murdi Paaki wishes Ainslie all the best for her HSC exams.

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