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Wilcannia River Radio is back at it, helping communities through the Covid crisis

29 October, 2021

Wilcannia River Radio station has always been an important source of information for the Wilcannia community, but since March 2020, they have become the one reliable place locals can stay up to date with Covid-19. This most recent outbreak has been no exception. 


They have taken on the responsibility of relaying the official health information to their listeners in a way that is culturally relevant and makes sense.  


Working with local authorities as well as various organisations, they voice the worries and anxieties being felt throughout the community, which have unfortunately been extremely high throughout this most recent outbreak. They also put locals in touch with the services they need to ensure they are able to isolate successfully at home. 


Last year they teamed up with the Wilcannia Central School to create different projects to keep the kids engaged while they weren’t able to attend school. 


Due to their remote location, online learning wasn’t an option for the students, so these challenges and activities really helped in keeping them occupied. 


Teachers were also invited into the station to deliver lessons over the radio. 


Their most recent initiative has been a Youtube clip expressing the need for their community to stay home to help ease the spread of the virus. See the full clip here. 


Wilcannia River Radio staff, ‘Big Rob’ and BB Adams were filmed along the riverbank asking people to please do their part. 


‘The virus is now hitting the people of Wilcannia. We want to keep all of us safe, especially our children and our Elders,’ said Big Rob from the River Radio Station. 


‘Lockdown means you can’t go anywhere, no visitors coming to your home. Please take that seriously,’ he said. 


BB Adams said, ‘It’s about being safe, It’s about doing the right thing’. 


Big Rob suggested people take this as an opportunity to spend time and connect with their family. He also raised concerns that social media has been producing a lot of content that was only creating more fear and uncertainty. Instead of scrolling, he recommended people spend that time with their children.


‘We will get out of this, together, like we have always done in the past. 


BB Adams also urged people to get tested and vaccinated. ‘Get tested guys, not once, but a few times… Get vaccinated, I got vaccinated... Make sure we are stopping this virus.’ 


‘It’s up to us to make a difference. We can stop this if we do the right thing’. 


REDI.E is very proud of all the work Wilcannia River Radio Station is doing to help the community not only stay up to date with the latest Covid-19 health advice, but also their reassuring and positive attitude throughout what has been a pretty tough time. 


We will continue to ensure they have all the resources they need to continue providing a wonderful service for their listeners. 


This initiative is funded/supported by the Australian Government.

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