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REDI.E heads to 2019 Puliima Conference held in Darwin

1 October, 2019

REDI.E has attended the PULiiMA 2019 Indigenous Languages & Technology Conference in Darwin, where we learned all about exciting project ideas and products that can be used in community based Indigenous languages projects.

Hosted at the Darwin Convention Centre, it is a biennial event, aimed at bringing people together to network with an inspirational group of people who all share a common ambition of preserving and celebrating the languages of your country.

With our involvement in the Murdi Paaki Language Hub Project (supported by the Department of Communications and the Arts - Indigenous Languages and Arts (ILA) program) we were able to attend workshops and presentations to assist in it’s rollout.

With over 70 presentations, nine workshops and a Women in Languages Day, we were able to take part in intensive training delivered by key language organisations who are supporting the revitalisation and dissemination of languages at both state and national level.

Our very own Julian Mckennariey and Brendan Welsh attended, along with Lyiata Balllangarry representing the Gurnu Baakindji/Gomeroi Clan Groups.

Lyiata says one of the most meaningful workshops she attended was the Ladies Closed Group session.

‘In the Secret Women’s Business session, we shared language, knowledge and traditional practices that have restored local traditional languages within their own communities, which has led to almost 100 per cent speaking their own languages. 

‘I also learned about the revival of their cultural practices and song lines, through dance and storytelling.’

‘Many of the ladies have stated that restoration of these cultural practices and language has positively impacted families in the areas of improving behavioural patterns amongst their youth and older members of their families ( for example, domestic and family violence.)

‘I made contact with many resources that will be invaluable information for our language groups, should we require such in the near future to establish our language classes in our communities.’

She also praised the work of Julian and Brendan.

‘I wish to thank them for their dedication and encouragement. They ensured I was able to gain a greater insight into how important the restoration of our Traditional languages and practices within the local community of Bourke is to the Gnemba and Gurnu Baakindji and Gomeroi clan groups.’


This initiative is funded/supported by the Australian Government.

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