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Brewarrina Barwon Four Clean-up Team learning skills to maintain the community farm

31 October, 2018

REDI.E’s Barwon Four Clean-Up participants in Brewarrina have been busy maintaining the community farm, which accommodates five adult pigs and some newly arrived piglets.

One of their activities has been constructing a new shed, to assist in keeping feed dry and provide easy access to the tools needed for the farm. 

Supervisor Wayne Hames says the skills participants are learning are helping them gain confidence and expand their opportunities.

‘It’s great to see them enjoying themselves and the satisfaction they gain from learning  new skills.’

Many of the participants say the hard work is worth it, because of the pride they feel by giving back. 

‘It feels great to be doing something for my community’ says participant Tai Gordon. 

‘Today I learnt how to mix concrete to set poles for the foundation of our new shed, and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be.’

Constructing the shed is just a small part of what the Barwon Four team cooperatively aim to achieve.

Supervisors Darryl Ferguson and Wayne Hames are teaching participants how to maintain garden beds full of vegetables that the community can access. They are also teaching them about greenhouses and how to grow a variety of different plants. 

The team is also learning how to feed, secure and take care of farm animals.

This initiative is funded/supported by the Australian Government.

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