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School Holiday fun in Coonamble through MPREC program

20 October, 2017

Coonamble Youth Support programs have been fortunate enough to play host to Alicia Poto (Silver medallist with Australian Opals Basketball Team) and three members of the Sydney University Medical School for a workshop in the September school holidays.

The three day Healthy Living Workshop included activities like making a short film about living in Coonamble and Walgett, basketball ‘skillz & drillz’ and an Introduction to Animations for Health course. It also saw the reopening of the newly refurbished basketball court at the Coonamble Youth Centre.

There were several festivities for the reopening of the court, with two members of the local police force present as well as members of the SES and the RFS. The highlight of the day came when the kids challenged the emergency services staff to a game of basketball. The emergency services team was completed with staff from MPREC and Dubbo Centrelink. MPREC CEO, Paul Newman even took to the court and gave the young ones a run for their money - but the youth team - which included Alicia Poto - outplayed the older side to a convincing win. 

There were numerous games played on the day where the kids could showcase the skills they had learnt from Alicia, with lots of fun and laughter all around.

Over the duration of the holiday period, and with other school holiday programs run by Coonamble Youth Support, we had approximately 245 children attend the Youth Centre. 57 of these travelled down from Walgett to participate in the Healthy lifestyle Workshops.

MPREC is proud of the programs they are helping to deliver and currently on offer to the Coonamble Community Centre. We look forward to further developing these programs with the community and partner organisations in the future.

Here are some pictures from the day.

Photos: Children enjoying the school holiday activities


This initiative is funded/supported by the Australian Government.

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