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Brewarrina dust storm clean-up with the help of REDI.E

30 November, 2018

Brewarrina’s REDI.E participants have assisted in the clean-up effort following the major dust storm that went through the region this month.

Late November saw a severe thunderstorm warning issued by the Bureau of Meteorology, with damaging winds that affected the Upper West and surrounding areas. 

The system travelled as far as Sydney, with authorities issuing warnings relating to the air quality.

Taking everyone by surprise, the 310-mile-long dust storm arrived in Brewarrina after 5pm, bringing with it debris and wind gusts of up to 90km per hour.

The storm left behind a trail of debris through the entire town.

Brewarrina’s REDI.E participants volunteered their time to assist in the clean up effort, utilising the skills and resources obtained through REDI.E’s activities.

REDI.E participants and supervisors assisted the Brewarrina Shire with the broken trees that lay on the road and attending properties and businesses that were affected by debris.

CDP Employment Mentor Deiann Kennedy says there was a lot of work involved to get the community back to ‘business as usual.’

‘The Brewarrina Catholic School sustained the most damage, with their playground being engulfed by massive branches that had fallen,’ she said.

‘Our participants worked really hard, alongside the rest of the community, to help the school, and other business, get operational again.’


This initiative is funded/supported by the Australian Government.

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