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MPREC staff attend training courses to help improve school attendance in remote communities

24 November, 2017

Staff from MPREC’s Remote School Attendance Strategy (RSAS) team have attended a great training course, provided by National Employment Services Association (NESA), in Wilcannia, to look at ways we can improve the service and encourage school attendance.

Staff participated in two days of workshops, which were designed to help them gain a better understanding of the role of RSAS in remote communities.

The idea was for staff to reflect on the goals of the program and how we can use these to develop holiday activities and return to school events. There was also a brainstorming session around how MPREC can continue to build working relationships with other stakeholders in the community, to deliver results.

There are so many ways RSAS staff can be involved in the community and this training course was helped to create new ways to engage with kids to improve attendance numbers.

The feedback from everyone who participated has been very positive and we are looking forward to commencing a Certificate II in Business in the New Year, which will allow for further personal and professional development.

The training was funded by Prime Minister and Cabinet. The RSAS strategy is a government funded program designed to lift school attendance levels in selected remote communities through employment of local School Attendance Supervisors (SAS) and School Attendance Officers (SAO) who work with schools, families, and children to ensure they go to school every possible day.

MPREC employs local community members in these roles to help kids get to school.


This initiative is funded/supported by the Australian Government.

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