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MPREC CDP staff gathering for team building

15 November, 2017

MPREC’s CDP team have gathered from across the state for an event in Bourke, New South Wales, to undergo training and networking activities.

Staff travelled from Menindee, Wilcannia, Cobar, Brewarrina and Goodooga to meet at the Bourke Office.

The event lasted for three days, and included training exercises and the implementation of targets, so that everyone can work towards a common goal.

MPREC’s Compliance Coordinator Irene Brown says the aim was to encourage stronger team collaboration and support, so that nobody ever felt isolated in their role.

“Our team is spread across a large area and sometimes it can feel like you’re working alone, but in fact there is a big team behind you and we all want to be there to support each other.”

“We have some new staff members on board, so it was a great opportunity to get everyone to meet, so that going forward, they feel comfortable asking for advice from each other.”

“Our goal for the future is to continue this support, by conducting workshops, one on one visits and organising more team days.”

There was also a representative from the Prime Minister and Cabinet, as well as Centrelink, to ensure staff were across the best ways to deliver on objectives.

Photo: CDP staff gathering in Bourke


This initiative is funded/supported by the Australian Government.

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