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Coonamble Youth Support

15 November, 2015

On Wednesday 27th October, in conjunction with NALAG we took 11 of our participants to Wambangalang environmental education centre in Dubbo.  10 students were from Coonamble High School & 1 from Gular Central School.  The students participated in team building activities such as Mow Hawk Walk, Dragons Egg, Magic Carpets, Nuclear Reactor & also the Low Ropes Challenge course.

These activities helped the participants with skills such as communication, fine motor skills, trusting others, empowerment, decision making & justifying choices.
All reports from the students were very positive & are even asking when they can go back or do another trip similar to Wambangalang.

Student 1

Student 1 is a participant in the youth support programs, he currently lives with his grandparents along with one of his siblings. Prior to commencing our program his school attendance was very poor, he lacked self confidence, was very shy, withdrawn , had poor people skills. We commenced him in to our program & started working on increasing his self esteem & other issues in his life.

Since his commencement in our program his attendance his increased to 88% & he has received an award from Coonamble High School for this. He now engages in activities with other students & we have received glowing reports from the Wellbeing team from Coonamble High School about the changes they can see in him since he has been with working with MPREC staff.

Student 2

Student 2 is a participant in the RAGE program that we are conducting with years 4,5 & 6 students at Gulargambone Central School.

Student 2 was referred to the program by his teacher because he had trouble coping with his anger & would become violent with other students & had trouble concentrating in class.

At the beginning of the program student 2 was very disruptive & would not stay in his seat. Student 2’s input in to discussion was always very negative & not relevant to the content of the course. We are now 5 weeks in to the program & Student 2’s participation his changed dramatically. He now contributes to discussion in a positive manner & is always the first person to offer help with anything we need.

We have had discussions with Student 2’s teacher & she now has nothing but praise for Student 2 & is totally amazed at the change in his demeanor since he has been participating in the RAGE program with MPREC Youth Support Staff

Student 3

Student 3 is also a participant in the Gular Central School RAGE program. We have been liaising with Student 3’s mum about some of the issues he has been having. She told us yesterday that he did not want to get out of bed to come to school, but she told him it was Thursday & that he had the RAGE program with MPREC. She said he jumped out of bed, raced to the shower & was ready to go to school in record time. She told us that spending time with MPREC Youth Support Staff is one of his favorite things to do.

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