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REDI.E works with NSW Environment and Heritage on the Murrin Bridge Wetlands Project

21 May, 2019

REDI.E has joined forces with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage to create the Murrin Bridge Wetlands Project, to restore them to their former glory. 

REDI.E Job Seekers have been working with the government on the project, learning many new skills.

They have been managing the upkeep of the wetlands and helping to grow the river plantation in green houses, which will later be planted in the wetlands. 

They are even working towards introducing new fish species and monitoring the native fish nests.

REDI.E Far West Activity Coordinator Ryan Davis says the participants are enjoying learning so much about the environment.

‘A favourite has been learning about bug life,’ he said. 

‘It’s fascinating because it shows what the water is doing in regards to water life for all the fishery and bugs.’

Participants have also been learning to weave traditional baskets and will later learn to weave traditional fish nets. 

The project is ongoing, with many exciting activities yet to come. 

REDI.E would like to thank Peter Harris and Joanne Lehan from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.


This initiative is funded/supported by the Australian Government.

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