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Walgett students one step closer to job success

29 May, 2017

The students, who have been praised as some of the best that the teachers have ever had, have a history of truancy and are part of the Walgett Alternative School Program (WASP) delivered by MPREC. They passed this course with flying colours, working on a range of earthworks activities from connecting dams, to building islands for ducks, and creating small waterways for yabbies to be released and fish to roam freely.

The students have undertaken this work as part of their Civil Construction course, being run by TAFE NSW in collaboration with Walgett Community College.

With this work completed, MPREC, Walgett Community College and TAFE NSW are already in talks to see how this success could be replicated for other students.

They’re also looking to build on the improvements to the local ag plot, creating a central, viable food production area for the community. The plot already holds vegetables, chickens, livestock and there are fish (yellow belly) available in the dams. Future plans include replanting traditional bush medicine and tucker around the dam and releasing yabbies in the near future.


This initiative is funded/supported by the Australian Government.

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