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The goods are out the Back O' Bourke

16 May, 2016

Murdi Paaki Regional Enterprises Corporation (MPREC) new Social Enterprises venture, has received positive feedback following the opening of the first location in Bourke in late March this year.

The Back O' Bourke Cafe, located on Tancred Drive in Bourke, is the first of many Social Enterprises across the region being developed by MPREC. Each Social Enterprise is a business that has been developed to provide life skills, employment and training for our disadvantaged community members.

The network of diverse businesses work to provide many community benefits including, bringing people out of a cycle of disadvantage, improving social outcomes and demonstrating positive career pathways to the community's young people. 

The Back O'Bourke Cafe will no doubt make a mark on the community.

Under the guidance of Krystle and Ellen, MPREC hopes to provide a friendly environment for disadvantaged community members to learn new skills and to be trained in front, and back-of-house, operations of the cafe.

While still ironing out the start-up creases, the Back ‘O’ Bourke Cafe has already established itself in the community, having catered for more 100 participants and spectators in the Back O' Bourke Reunion Mud Run.

The philosophy of the Back O' Bourke Cafe is to deliver great food, with a great service and in a great environment. Catering to locals and travellers, this venue offers a sanctuary from the famous Bourke red dust. The cafe is designed to take in the spectacular view of the great Australian bush and a hint of the river in the background.

The cafe is open from 9am to 3pm from Wednesday to Sunday with a strong focus on providing mouthwatering lunch and brunches.

To contact the Back O' Bourke Cafe for a catering query, or to follow their journey on Facebook. 

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