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WHS Training at REDI.E Worksites

1 March, 2021

REDI.E has rolled out a HSReps (Safework NSW Approved) course to 15 of it’s key staff members in our communities, to increase awareness about the importance of work health and safety. 

Under the Work Health & Safety Act 2011, all persons ‘conducting a business or undertaking’ (PCBU’s) are required to ensure that all workgroup health and safety representatives (and their Deputies) are appropriately trained.

The aim of this course is to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes of HSReps so that they can play an active and effective role in workplace health and safety.

It was a 5 day course - but was condensed into a two day, fast paced course for REDI.E, by Midd-West Management. Our staff were enthusiastic and excited to learn new skills. 

Project and Safety Officer Peter Morris says the course demonstrates REDI.E’s commitment to encourage and promote WHS throughout the REDI.E worksites.

‘We are always working to build up awareness of the importance of work health and safety in our communities,’ he said.

‘We need to ensure we have a safe work environment for all our teams - and our clients.’

‘Following this course, our staff now have a deeper understanding of WHS policies and procedures, requirements and legislation.’ 

In 2019, REDI.E set up a WHS committee with two staff members from each community, to continue our commitment to work health and safety.

The committee meets monthly, to discuss work health and safety and touch base about what’s happening in the community. 

‘Since the committee’s formation, our policies and procedures have been refined and streamlined,’ Mr Morris said.

‘Our reporting system is more sophisticated and we are seeing less incident reports.’ 

This initiative is funded/supported by the Australian Government.

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