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REDI.E Moves Into the Future With New HR System

30 March, 2021

In a move towards becoming a paperless organisation, REDI.E has implemented a new software, to streamline administrative processes. 

Employment Hero is an HR and people management system, that integrates into our payroll and work, health and safety process.

It has enabled our organisation to save time and money in a variety of ways:
  • It manages onboarding, making our recruitment process smoother
  • It connects directly to our payroll system, meaning our employees save time accessing important personal information
  • It improves compliance, with tools around time and attendance, as well as award wages
  • Being cloud based, our many remote staff members can more efficiently access and upload documents 

REDI.E Human Resources Manager Suzanne Keen says Employment Hero has eased the administrative burden for staff members. 

‘Not only do staff have more control over their personal details - they can lodge also report incidents and lodge timesheets, all in the same place,’ she said.

‘It saves our team valuable time and has allowed supervisors to more easily manage their staff.’

‘Most importantly, it gives our employees the opportunity to further develop their software skills. If we can build their capacity and knowledge to manage software applications, we can continue to move into the future.’

‘It also means they have everything at their fingertips and ensure prolonged access to this information - even once they leave the organisation.’

At REDI.E, we are always looking for ways to be more efficient, by using systems that will help us grow.

This initiative is funded/supported by the Australian Government.

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