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Ngalii Preschool children benefit from WFD

10 March, 2017

MPREC’s Cobar participants of an Australian Government funded program, Workforce Development, have recently completed a creative building project.

Ngalii Preschool children were delighted to receive new-fandangle crafted kitchen play equipment.  

Brett Miller, MPREC Cobar’s Workforce Development Activity Supervisor, who also manages the MPREC Market Garden, works with jobseekers building furniture, chairs and boxes out of wooden pallets. This opportunity exposes WFD jobseekers to the workforce and allows them to gain valuable skills working on community projects.

Collette, an educator at Ngalii Preschool, said she had heard through a friend about MRPEC jobseekers making fantastic things out of the wooden pallets.

The staff of Ngalii Preschool approached Brett to ask if he and his jobseekers would be able to make the Preschool some play equipment such as a kitchen, sink, table and oven.


Brett told Collette he and his five jobseekers would give it a go and WHAM what a great job they did.

Brett oversaw the project, assisting the jobseekers with their design sketches and putting the furnishings together. On finishing the kitchen play equipment, the jobseekers were very happy with how the equipment turned out. 

Collette and her staff were over the moon with the result and praised all involved. A job well done!

A massive thank you is in order for PEAK Mines who donated the wooden pallets. MPREC donated the kitchen appliances. 

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