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Coonamble Youth Support has the Eye of the Tiger

16 March, 2017

A group of 6- 10 young boys have been enrolled in an after-school boxing program which is a Government funded program, run by both the Indigenous Youth and Justice Program and, Family and Community Services.

Majority of the boys in this program had recorded school attendance issues before they commenced boxing. Now, their attendance records have reportedly increased dramatically, along with the boys’ change in attitude and their behaviour.
While the boxing club is still in its early stages, there has been a lot of interest in the program from other students and their parents. It is expected that the club will run for the whole school year.
School attendance and class behaviour will not be the only benefits to the young, aspiring athletes. The boys are expected to gain great results while promoting fitness, health, anger management, respect and self-discipline.
Several of the boys already have shown promise and enthusiasm with their craft and are expected to be ready to compete in the near future.
Well done, boys!

The initiative is proudly funded / supported by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

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