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MPREC Launches Health Challenge

23 March, 2016

MPREC has announced the first Health Challenge, a way for communities to work together to build healthier futures and raise money for local sporting and youth groups.
Acting CEO, Rene Wykes said, “we are focussed working together with our communities to create better futures. We want to empower our teams and communities to make the best decisions, and that includes decisions about their health.”
“At its heart, the Health Challenge is a nine (9) week weight-loss challenge. But teams will also track their progress on other healthy habits, like reducing smoking and moving more.”
“Starting from next week, up to 16 teams from across the Murdi Paaki region can register to get involved in the Health Challenge. Each team has to have at least 20 participants at the final weigh-in, and can have up to 30 participants. The winning team will be the one with the biggest percentage of weight-loss overall.”

“The best part is that there will be cash prizes for the winning teams to donate to a community youth or sporting group in the Murdi Paaki region - $2,500 for first place, $1,500 for second place and $1,000 for third place. We can’t wait to see what groups the teams choose to give their money to.”
A Team Manager will be the main point of contact for each team, and they’ll share stories of their team’s progress with MPREC, to share with the wider community via Facebook. They’ll be responsible for gathering the team’s registration forms, where all participants have to agree that they will be safe and responsible – not engaging in fad diets of using supplements to aid their weight-loss.
“We want to see everyone having fun and getting healthy in a safe way. I’d encourage the teams to train with local sporting teams or coaches, or hold a sporting carnival or fun day in their community to get more people involved. And we’ll help out too, providing expert tips through our Facebook page,” said Ms Wykes.

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