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REDI.E attends final showcase for Collaborative Pairs Program

26 June, 2019

REDI.E has attended the final showcase for the Collaborative Pairs Program, which brings health service providers together with consumers to develop their capacity to work together.

REDI.E has been involved in the rollout of the national trial, with Retail Coordinator and Trainer Max Rabbett speaking on the panel for the leadership program. He was able to provide some insight on the importance of collaboration and the work that he has been involved in at REDI.E across Western NSW.

The Collaborative Pairs program was developed by the King’s Fund, UK. The Australian demonstration trial is supported by Consumers Health Forum of Australia, and includes four Primary Health Networks and the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care.

The program is being delivered by the Western NSW Primary Health Network (WNSW PHN), with an experienced pair. Jane Cockburn is a consumer advocate who runs her own company - and Karen Patterson is a very experienced and senior manager in the NSW health system.

Max sat in on the final showcase, where the PHN invited everyone back to present what they’ve learned through the program, and how they plan to implement changes in the future.
He said it was a fantastic initiative to be a part of.

‘It was a great experience giving some insight to the participants of the program and being able to meet and hear everyone’s journey at the showcase was very inspiring.’

The current program spans across Broken Hill, Bathurst, and Dubbo.

It is the first one to be in a regional setting, which is proving a new scope for learning about the specific health challenges facing rural communities. 

‘It is clear this program has really helped the participants to develop and grow essential skills,’ WNSW PHN CEO Andrew Harvey said.

‘Everyone has brought a unique perspective on how they can change the healthcare system.’

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