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Cobar CDP participants on the road with their Driver Learner Licences!

26 June, 2019

Three of REDI.E’s CDP participants in Cobar have passed their driving test to get their driver learner licences.

Jake, Khaleb and Alex wanted to get their L’s so they could learn how to drive and work towards getting their Provisional P1 licence, which would give them more independence.

They worked extremely hard to study and prepare for the test, helping each other stay focussed and quizzing each other. 

When they had done some practice tests and felt confident they took the test - and passed with flying colours!

REDI.E Far West Activities Coordinator Ryan Davis said the boys are all very excited, as it will open more doors for them.

‘It was really great to see their confidence, and how happy they were with their achievements.’

Jake says the biggest motivation for obtaining his licence was so that he could help out his family.

‘I want to help them when they need a lift, and I also want to be a relief driver during the long trips we take to visit relatives.’

Khaleb said being able to drive will be much more convenient for him with day to day activities, while Alex said it will open many more opportunities when it comes to looking for work - as well as serving as another form of identification. 

REDI.E is proud to have supported these CDP participants through the process.

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