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REDI.E pushes forward with plans to build automated collection point for Container Deposit Scheme

20 June, 2018

Last week, REDI.E held an information morning to provide further information on their plans for an Automated Partner Site (APS), as part of the NSW Container Deposit Scheme.

REDI.E shared the progress being made, with hopes the site will be up and running by September.

The APS will act as a community access point for the Container Deposit Scheme, which is the biggest litter reduction scheme that has been introduced in NSW, with a goal of reducing the volume of litter in the state by 40% by 2020.

The Development Application for the site is currently before the Dubbo City Council.

The APS will provide a face to face service for customers. It will also be a quicker process than Automated Collection Points, which operate as a reverse vending machine.

It will accept containers that are most commonly found as litter - such as glass and plastic bottles, aluminium cans and cartons.  

REDI.E is partnering with Cleanaway for the project, who have assisted throughout the planning process and who will regularly bring their trucks to come and pick up the containers from the site.

The machines used to sort the containers are called automated container counting machines, or singulators. The site will also be manned by people, which means there is an opportunity for the creation of up to five jobs.

Customers will be able to drive to the site with large volumes of containers (100 or more). 

Located in Dubbo, at BlueRidge Business Park, it will be in a central location for surrounding towns.

Customers will deposit their containers and receive a refund back into their bank account using a tap and pay card machine.

A pick up service is also included in the plans, where trucks can travel to other collection points to bring the containers back to the site.

The site will be a key part of the Container Deposit Scheme, which will assist in reducing litter in the region and drive positive recycling behaviours. 

We are very excited to see these plans moving ahead and look forward to the next stage of the project.


This initiative is funded/supported by the Australian Government.

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