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REDI.E buys new truck for Wilcannia Gardening Program

28 June, 2018

REDI.E has purchased a new truck for the Wilcannia Gardening Maintenance Program, so the team can undertake bigger jobs and increase efficiency.

The Gardening Program is run as part of the Community Development Programme (CDP) and gives job seekers the opportunity to help clean up parks, church grounds, sporting ovals and other areas. 

One of their major projects has been a huge clean up of vacant blocks of land in the area, where the team were given a tractor and slasher by Prime Minister and Cabinet. 

These blocks of land had been used as a dumping ground for rubbish and the team were able to clear up the mess. 

REDI.E have purchased the new Isuzu truck, which will mean they can be more efficient and take on bigger jobs. It will also be better for manual handling.

Activity Team Leader Chris Wykes says everyone is very excited to use the new vehicle.

"It will make such a big difference, they can fit more in and it’s much easier to use.?

"The program is a great way for people to give back to their community, everyone really gets a lot out of it."


This initiative is funded/supported by the Australian Government.

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