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New Barista ready to shake up Dubbo’s coffee scene

1 June, 2016

Bevan will be one of the team members taking a step into long term employment with assistance from MPREC’s newest social venture, BlueRidge Cafe.

Bevan had lived in Gulargambone for his whole life, attending Gulargambone Central School and even starting a traineeship, but moved to Dubbo about 6 months ago to seek bigger and better work opportunities.

Bevan says, “I wanted to change my circumstances and improve my life by finding work, I just had to do it in a different town.”
“I needed help to find a job and when I was linked to Joblink Plus in Dubbo they told me that VTEC may be able to help me get a job. They then put me forward for the FSK course with MPREC and I completed this course successfully.”

He never expected to be able to make a great coffee, but was determined to change his situation.
“My Dad wanted to see me have a life, find work and do my best. He is really happy I have a job and am able to support myself now.”

He also recognises the large role MPREC has played in offering him this opportunity.
“They got me to where I wanted to be - employed.” he said.
“VTEC helped me by paying for my course, providing mentoring, is helping me get my Learner hours up so I can go for my P's. They have also encouraged me to be independent and have helped me get a Medicare card and other ID I needed.”

This job is just the start for Bevan though. Now that he’s able to support himself, his dreams have grown,
“Now that I am employed I'm still continuing my studies and have enrolled in a Cert II Construction with AiT. When I have finished this certificate I will try to look for a job in the building industry.”
“Even though I have not done building on a worksite I have always enjoyed woodwork and carpentry has always interested me.”

The VTEC initiative is proudly funded / supported by the Australian Government. 

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