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REDI.E Staff Training - Our teams kicking goals!

31 July, 2019

Our RTO team has had a busy month, delivering courses across all REDI.E sites for our staff and CDP participants.

Training was successfully rolled out for a First Aid course, as well as a White Card course, which is required for workers who want to carry out construction work.

All staff across all REDI.E sites (including CDP, RSAS, Radio staff) were given access to the training.

All students were competent in their courses and now hold a First Aid certificate and White Card.

RTO Coordinator Max Rabbett said everyone enjoyed the training, and were very happy with what they achieved.

‘It was great to see everyone encouraging each other, supporting each other and working together to complete the courses,’ he said.

‘It is really important to have a safe workplace, so these qualifications have gone a long way towards ensuring that.’

REDI.E is committed to providing meaningful education to our team and community members to promote health and safety.


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VTEC offers guaranteed jobs to Indigenous jobseekers, provided that they complete the training requirements

This initiative is funded/supported by the Australian Government.

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