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Open for Business! REDI.E sets up office in Parkes

22 July, 2019

REDI.E’s VTEC and RTO divisions have opened up an office in Parkes to provide more employment and training opportunities to this community.

REDI.E is very excited about this new development and our teams have already come up with some great ideas about how to service the people of Parkes.

Staff from VTEC and RTO went around and visited a number of local businesses and jobactives to promote REDI.E and our services. As an organisation, we want to work with other local organisations to achieve the best outcomes.

VTEC Case Manager Brendan Doyle said it was a great day and they can already see many opportunities in this community.

‘We dropped flyers through all the cafes and restaurants and had some great chats with some of the business owners,’ he said.

‘There is already a demand for some hospitality training and courses, and our VTEC team looks forward to collaborating with RTO to work with these businesses and open up employment opportunities for our clients.’

If you see any of the REDI.E staff around town - don’t hesitate to introduce yourself! 

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REDI.E delivers training for several courses approved by the Australian Skills Quality Authority

This initiative is funded/supported by the Australian Government.

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