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Max's day-to-day role with REDI.E

1 August, 2018

Max started at REDI.E  in 2016 as a Food and Beverage supervisor and then moved into his role as Retail Coordinator and Trainer coordinating.

“With the work that we do, I get to see our clients really grow. There are people from complex backgrounds and some who have never had a job before. It’s amazing to watch them grow. In particular, one of my clients in her 30s had never had a job before. She has been with me for over 18 months. She now has a house, cars and goes on holidays. It’s about seeing that personal growth in our people.”

Max’s journey to REDI.E has been quite unique. After living in Dubbo for most of his life, Max made the move to the city to work in five-star hotel management. After a few years there and wanting to return back to Dubbo, he joined REDI.E. We are so lucky to have him in our team and to train our people with the skills he has gained from the hospitality industry in the city.

“I have been fortunate enough to accept the Social Responsibility Award at the 2016 BMIHMS at Torrens University Alumni Awards, the 2017 Tom Harvey Award for Citizenship as part of Australia’s Commonwealth Day as well as REDI.E’s Professional Development award at our 2017 Conference.

It’s great to be recognised for what I do here but the real reward is seeing people in the community succeed” Max also speaks of how he loves the sense of community within the organisation and the opportunities he has had to keep progressing his abilities and skills.

“Everyone here is so friendly! I am so proud of be a part of what the organisation can achieve. Sometimes I will try to explain what we do to my friends within the hotel industry and they truly look at it and say ‘wow’! It’s not every day that you have a career in hospitality and management that allows you to change lives.”

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