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CDP team builds shop for the Ivanhoe community to enjoy!

31 July, 2018

Participants in the Ivanhoe Community Development Program (CDP) have built a shop from scratch, using materials and stock provided by REDI.E.

The community had expressed they would like an op shop in town, to recycle and sell clothes and other items. The CDP team stepped in to fill this need, using a building that began as a blank canvas and was built into a fantastic space.

The end result is an original design, as the team made all the shop fittings from recycled wooden pallets.

There were some challenges along the way, including finding the correct equipment and sourcing suitable materials. But they overcame these as a team, finding creative solutions that could overcome the limitations.

They learned great skills that will be valuable towards gaining employment, like teamwork, communication, workplace safety, project planning and construction. 

Activity Supervisor Maria McNally says one of the most important lessons was around budgeting, as participants brainstormed ways to cut costs of the project and keep expenses down.

‘I could see the pride they had in the project, when they discussed it with people in the community.’ said Ms McNally.

‘With the construction element, the participants learned to think outside the box. I could see their confidence growing as new ideas came to life.’

‘The participants should be extremely proud of what they achieved as a team and how they created something from nothing.’

‘It was a pleasure to complete this project with them. They will be a great asset t0 any employer.’

Ms McNally said the team had great help from REDI.E and wanted to thank Barry Stone and Chris Wykes for providing materials and the stock for the op shop.

She also thanked Graham from Mac's Outback Snacks for his building experience and knowledge throughout the project and teaching the participants.

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