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Cobar Ngalli Pre-school Children enjoying their Indigenous designed library bags

26 July, 2017

Participants of the ‘Cobar Community Activity Kits’ Work-for-the-dole activity collaborates with Cobar Ngalli Pre-school to deliver inspiring Indigenous designed library bags.

The Cobar ladies have made over 50 library bags, with Indigenous print designs and a drawstring closing, by following a pattern to cut the material out to size and the drawstring cord to the length required. Several ladies sewed while other ladies threaded the drawstring into the bag.

New skills are always learnt and gained within each activity. The ladies were pleased with all their efforts as the bags turned out remarkably well. Each child at Ngalli Pre-school were estactic to receive their own library bag and ran to grab books to put in them. The library bags will be used for the children to take their work home.

Ngalli Pre-school teachers, Kylie and Rebecca, were thrilled with the bags and were so appreciative of what the ladies and MPREC have done for their little preschool.  The children said thankyou with a big clap.
Photo: Representing the group and presenting were Donna and Dianne. They both were thrilled and loved every minute giving the bags to the kids.         

This initiative is funded/supported by the Australian Government.

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