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REDI.E partner with Outback Stores in Wilcannia

7 January, 2022

After a tumultuous two years at the hands of Covid-19, the small remote community of Wilcannia, located in Far West New South Wales, has been served a win. 

On 7 January 2022, REDI.E  opened the doors to a new venture, a grocery store servicing the local community and surrounding rural areas. The joint partnership with Outback Stores sees REDI.E taking ownership of the existing small local grocery store, The Friendly Grocer. This is a historic event for outback New South Wales, as it is the first time Outback Stores has collaborated with REDI.E to establish such a business within New South Wales. 

The store will have many positive impacts within the community. Establishing food security is at the forefront of this project, ensuring locals and surrounding areas can access fresh, healthy and affordable produce without having to travel excessive distances. A 400km round trip to Broken Hill, the closest town centre, is not uncommon for the people of Wilcannia, therefore consistent supply is their cornerstone objective. 

REDI.E and Outback Stores are committed to delivering a workforce which advocates a cross-cultural environment with rejuvenation of the store creating ongoing new job opportunities within the town.  As Registered Training Organisations both REDI.E and Outback Stores offer staff multiple opportunities to gain various nationally recognised certifications in retail services and skills development.

This initiative is funded/supported by the Australian Government.

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