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REDI.E to donate drinking water to Walgett Community

9 January, 2019

For immediate release

Regional Enterprise Development Institute (REDI.E) will donate drinking water to households in Walgett, due to the current water shortage.

REDI.E CEO Tracey Shillingsworth will travel to Walgett this Thursday, to take part in a community meeting to address the issue.

Ms Shillingsworth says REDI.E remains committed to supporting Walgett during this time.

“Along with our board, REDI.E exists to support our communities, our role is to help them through difficult situations and work to improve it.”

“Providing water for households is the least we can do, especially given the extreme temperatures being experienced across the region.”

Walgett is currently on level five restrictions, relying on an emergency supply of bore water.

Last week, a mechanical breakdown at the local treatment plant affected water flow to households. Local media have reported the power failure at the plant caused problems with the control board, so water could not travel from the bore to the reservoir.

Water levels in the reservoir dropped from near-full capacity to below 25 percent.

The Walgett Shire Council issued a warning for the community to conserve their use of filtered water as levels in the reservoir dropped to a critical level, alongside extreme temperatures. The warning still stands for residents as the reservoir refills.

“We understand the Council is investigating ways to improve long term water security, so it is not affected by mechanical breakdowns,” Ms Shillingsworth said.

“I have discussed this with the Board, and we agree we will offer any assistance we can.”

“We are experienced in working with local government to help improve outcomes for our communities. This does not just come from the programs we run. It is achieved through our relationship with the people.’

‘Our board is passionate about these communities. We want to do whatever we can to help.’

Media Contact:
Tracey Shillingsworth
CEO  |  Regional Enterprise Development Institute (REDI.E)
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