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REDI.E helping to provide water for our drought stricken communities

31 January, 2019

REDI.E has been working with supermarkets in the region to provide water for communities suffering from drought.

In Wilcannia, several people in the community generously donated three pallets of water. Our Wilcannia REDI.E team partnered with the Broken Hill Coles to transport the water to people in the community. 

The team went and distributed the water to elders and families. Team Leaders Reena Staker and Brendon Adams said it was a fantastic example of teamwork.

‘All the crew came together to make this happen and we would love to see this cooperation continue,’ said Brendon.

REDI.E has also provided water to Bourke, Menindee and Walgett.

Earlier this month, REDI.E CEO Tracey Shillingsworth travelled to Walgett to take part in a community meeting to address their water shortage issue.

REDI.E donated drinking water to households in the town after a a mechanical breakdown at the local treatment plant affected water flow to households.

Ms Shillingsworth says REDI.E remains committed to supporting our communities during the drought.

“Along with our board, REDI.E exists to support our communities, our role is to help them through difficult situations and work to improve it.”

“Providing water for households is the least we can do, especially given the extreme temperatures being experienced across the region.”


This initiative is funded/supported by the Australian Government.

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