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Cobar Kubby House childcare

24 January, 2019

The REDI.E Cobar Community Kits team have donated twenty (20) indigenous artwork cushion covers to the Kubby House childcare centre, after making them from scratch.

Kubby House is a centre that cares for children in the Cobar community and has a strong focus on learning about Aboriginal heritage and culture.

Kubby House approached our Cobar Community Kits team to make the cushion covers, as their ones were dated and needed a facelift. They were only too happy to help out with this project.
Once completed, the children helped take the old covers off and replace them with the new ones. They were such a big help!

They will now be used in the Butterfly Room, to explore Aboriginal culture and the meaning behind the art. The artwork will be a great conversation starter, as the children learn about the history of the culture, mediums and artistic techniques like those used on the cushion covers.

The Cobar Community Kits program is part of the Australian Government’s Community Development Programme (CDP.)

REDI.E are proud to deliver CDP across the Murdi Paaki region in the Far West and Upper Darling, servicing approximately1,000 clients.

This initiative is funded/supported by the Australian Government.

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